Monday, February 2, 2015

Wireless Running Headphones – (Where have these been all my life?)

By Michelle Roos, Blogger

One of the most annoying things on a run is not feeling free. I run for many reasons but one of the biggest is to let go and release built up tension from my day, week, month. But often times I feel like I’m being held back my the gear I’m using or the extra things I need for my run – water bottles, iPhone, Gus/gels, headphone cords, winter attire. This is a big reason why racing is such a nice free feeling – you don’t have any of the “baggage” that weighs you down during training.
Last week I was introduced to a product – RedFox Wireless headphones (courtesy of the lovely ladies at Smack) – and this is clearly a review in exchange for that product, but the initial background I just took you through is pure truth. I hate having to carry things and one of the most annoying things is knowing where to put my iPhone so that my headphone cord reaches but doesn’t annoy or chafe me during a race.
The headphones were sent to me as a trial and I’ve been able to test them now a few times as I’m knees deep in Boston Marathon training!
Sleek design and cool packaging. It comes with its own specially designed carrying case which is a little bit bigger than I would like if I’m going to travel with it but definitely ensures it won’t get damaged.
They are designed to be worn in multiple ways – over the ear (which is the way I tried first, seemed most natural) or flipped upside down. Surprisingly I preferred having it upside down to having it over the ear (in between ear and head).
AND you can control the music from the headphones! Whaaaat? Best feature (other than it being wireless ;)). You can answer calls, change volume, change songs, pause/play songs. Amazing. Especially for us NYers who never stop moving.
I tried these outside and on the treadmill. They bobbed up and down a little for me wearing them over the ear, but had a much smoother feel once I flipped them upside down and wore them inverted. I think this is purely unique to the user; everyone will prefer it one way over the other (or enjoy both). Here’s an example of how they look being worn down:
One thing you do have to make sure is that you charge the product. It comes with a USB cord that you can plug into your computer or any connector (like your iPhone charger). Since it uses Bluetooth, if its not charged it’ll skip sometimes. But it’s battery life is ~8 hours so I definitely don’t charge it after every single run.
It felt amazzzzing not to have to have a cord dangling or getting caught in my water bottle. I kept my iPhone in my pocket and just ran with my hands free. I know a lot of people prefer not running with anything which is fine, but for me, I love having music so this is amazingly revolutionary for me.
Conference calls so you can take notes, listening to music while walking (what I do all the time in NYC), calling while cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping (basically anything on the move).
They come in a bunch of fun colors and I think it’s a really good gift idea for anyone who’s either interested in tech or interested in sports (or both obviously!). It’s not purely a running product so there are many uses for those who hate hitting the pavement.
Even just from reading the reviews on the site I can see that everyone really believes in and loves the product. For me, they come in perfect timing as my Yurbuds just died on me (AGAIN, second pair). Will be keeping these babies as essentials for my training for Boston!
Have any questions specifically about the product? I’ll answer everything in the comments below if you have any or feel free to reach out to me personally.
Happy gifting (or self gifting)! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner :)

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