Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's About the Process, Not Perfection

Article by Hunter Kemper, Olympian Triathlete

It was an event I’d been eagerly anticipating for six months straight, but the Olympic trials in San Diego, California, didn’t exactly start off the way I had imagined. I came out of the water in twentieth position in a 75-person field, I finished the bike portion of the race in fifteenth position, and now it was on to the run. Two miles into the 10k race, I found myself in fifteenth position and growing more concerned by the minute that I wouldn’t make it back to the Olympic Games. I knew I had to finish in the top nine overall in order to secure a spot on the American team; was this even possible now?

For the previous six months I had trained such that the last 5k of the run during my last chance to qualify for the Olympics would be the strongest part of my entire race. I’d prepped my body to be the tortoise among hares, and as the old fable would attest, the tortoise did okay. Now I was here. How I hoped I’d remember what I learned.

As I approached that final five kilometers of my run to the finish, I was pacing to be the third American to finish—and was clearly outside the overall top ten. But instead of obsessing over how imperfectly things were going, I trained my thoughts on process instead. I focused on quickening my leg turnover and on relaxing my shoulders and on quickening my leg turnover even more. With one mile remaining, still I was outside the top ten, and so I went to process once again: stay in the moment, quicken leg turnover, keep your shoulders loose.

The final eight hundred meters came and went, and I had moved up from outside the top ten to finishing fifth overall and first among Americans. I was headed for my fourth Olympic Games, and process, not perfection, had gotten me there.

Friday, January 16, 2015

5 Minute Fitness with Red Fox Triathlete Greg Billington

It's a New Year and you want a new you! Time to say goodbye to the midnight snack you, and hello to the fun, fit, real you... but where do you start? Workout systems like P90X can be expensive as can sessions with a personal trainer. You just need something quick and effective, and we agree which is why we asked our friend and professional triathlete Greg Billington to share a few exercises that can help strengthen your core to build muscle and prevent injury.  These are easy to follow and best of all, only take 5 MINUTES! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Red Fox Gets Love from ESPN in an Article on Home Gym Essentials

Article by Mackenzie Lobby

Having fitness equipment at home can make it more likely you'll adhere to your training regimen -- there's nowhere to hide! Not only is it impossible to ignore that bike trainer or yoga mat; it's also a whole lot more convenient. Depending on your budget, you can outfit your home gym with top-notch equipment or just the bare essentials. Either way, we have you covered with some of our top picks.

Red Fox FoxBox Wireless Speaker
Every gym needs some jams, and the Foxbox is a space-efficient option for anyone looking to hook up their home gym with premium sound. It lets you to turn any device into a portable boombox, and it's Bluetooth ready (but will also work with non-Bluetooth devices).

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