Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Product Feature: SPLIT Dual USB Adapter

In today's world we are increasingly on the go and our devices have responded to that trend. From smartphones to iPods to tablets, we have more than a few ways to bring our offices and entertainment with us wherever we are.

With all these new devices comes a new challenge: keeping them charged. Many devices will come with a standard wall charger, but it's likely you own many of your devices specifically because they are easily portable. The Red Fox Wireless SPLIT is the answer to charging multiple devices while you're driving from place to place. Featuring dual USB ports, the SPLIT allows you to plug two devices in simultaneously. Whether you need to plug in your iPod and iPad together while you are on the way to the office, or you want to keep your iPod and smartphone charged while on a road trip, the SPLIT is your solution. It's also great for when you're riding with your significant other, if you're on a road trip with friends, or if you're spending long stretches in the car with a colleague.

The beauty of the SPLIT dual USB adapter is its sheer versatility. Because it utilizes USB ports, you can plug in any device you have a USB charger for. This eliminates the need for multiple chargers in your car cluttering up your center console or glove box. It also means you can charge devices that have completely different inputs, such as an iPhone and an Android simultaneously.

We're happy to offer the SPLIT in three fun colors—neon, blue, and red—that will stand out in your vehicle. Not only are the bright colors attractive, but the SPLIT also lights up when plugged in so that you know it's working properly and so you can easily plug in your devices at night.

The SPLIT, like all of our products, is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Check out all the product details or visit our store for the complete line of Red Fox Wireless products.

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