Monday, February 24, 2014

Olympians Using Headphones to Focus on the Competition

In a world with highly portable music devices, the face of determination and focus is often accompanied by a pair of headphones. Olympians throughout the 2014 Winter Olympics are sporting headphones before and even during their competitions, and many say that they can focus better with a little music.

American luger Kate Hansen became popular for her pre-race dances which she says are aided by her headphones and her favorite artist. "Strictly Beyonce. My girl Bey! She just gets me fierce and I get stoked. I've got good mojo on, so it's how I roll."

Headphones seem to be even more popular with athletes that compete in extreme sports like freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson doesn’t only employ meditation practices to focus, but she is also seen using headphones for her Slopestyle runs, which paid off with her first Olympic Gold Medal in this year’s games. While Torin Yater-Wallace had a tough time qualifying for the finals in the first ever Olympic Skiing Superpipe event, he didn't leave his iPod at home. "I try to find one of those kinds of songs before every event — something new that gets me pumped up. Loud, high-energy, hardcore."
Of course, Red Fox is proud to sponsor our own group of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls that will be training with Red Fox Wireless products until the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Hunter Kemper, Andy Potts, Greg Billington, and Erin Jones all choose Red Fox because it gives them the versatility and portability they need in a diverse event such as the Triathlon.

Not only are Olympians proving how effective music can be while training and competing, but science is backing it up. So add some tunes to your next training session and who knows—maybe you will get the boost you need to become a champion.

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