Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hitting the Slopes? Here are 5 Benefits of Going Wire-free on the Hill!

Tis the season to shred some pow! Besides the sick board, sweet jacket and rad gloves, what’s the next important accessory for the mountain? A solid soundtrack. But you don’t want to get tangled up in wires when you’re dominating the slopes. That’s why Red Fox EDGE Bluetooth wireless headsets are perfect for rocking those double blacks this ski season. The 5 main benefits of going wire-free on the hill are:
  1. No wires getting in the way when you are strapping in or heading into the lodge. If you have head phone wires constantly hanging from your ears down to your pockets, it can make it hard to do anything without them getting in the way or your hands getting tangled. Strapping into your snowboard can be a pain anyway, add your hands and buckles getting tangled up with wires and you’ll be beyond frustrated. Even when you’re heading into the lodge for a quick break, you’ve got to worry about taking your jacket off and un-looping your headphones from all your apparel. With wireless headphones, just click ‘off’ and remove your jacket. No worrying about what’s tethered to it or ripping your earphones out of your ears.
  2. Your phone or iPod won’t end up in an epic yard sale. When/if you fall you won‘t tear your device out of your pockets. Keep it safely tucked away in your zippered pockets with no attachments that could send it flying should you fall. If you’ve ever fallen skiing with your headphones in, the first thing you check for once you’ve made sure you’re still alive, is your phone. Save yourself the panic and get Bluetooth wireless headphones.
  3. Controls on the headphones – no threat of dropping your phone off the lift. Keep your phone in your pocket and adjust controls directly on your headset – forward through songs, pause/play, and adjust volume without your pulse raising because you’re worried about dropping your phone off the lift into no man’s land.
  4. Fits nicely under hat or most helmets. The EDGE Bluetooth wireless headset is small enough to fit under any beanie or helmet you decide to wear on the mountain. Designed for the most active customers, the EDGE Bluetooth wireless headphones won’t fall off while you are boarding or skiing but snuggling them under a hat or helmet in cold weather can’t hurt.
  5. No specialty gloves necessary. Set your playlist and go. There are no touch screens to fiddle with or worry about. Keep your gloves on and adjust right on the headset without getting frostbite.
Red Fox EDGE Wireless Headsets are designed with the active person in mind. They provide premium wireless audio for music and phone calls and are designed to never fall out of your ears- no matter what you’re doing. They also have:
  • A Long Battery Life
  • Music and Volume Controls Directly on the Headset
  • Voice Dialing
  • Adjustable Earbuds for Comfort
  • Bluetooth to Connect
  • A Built-in Microphone
  • iPod, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, PC, Tablet and Bluetooth TV ready
So rock (and hopefully don’t roll) down the mountain this season with the best ski helmet headphones with Bluetooth- the Red Fox EDGE Wireless Headset.

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