Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hitting the Slopes? Here are 5 Benefits of Going Wire-free on the Hill!

Tis the season to shred some pow! Besides the sick board, sweet jacket and rad gloves, what’s the next important accessory for the mountain? A solid soundtrack. But you don’t want to get tangled up in wires when you’re dominating the slopes. That’s why Red Fox EDGE Bluetooth wireless headsets are perfect for rocking those double blacks this ski season. The 5 main benefits of going wire-free on the hill are:
  1. No wires getting in the way when you are strapping in or heading into the lodge. If you have head phone wires constantly hanging from your ears down to your pockets, it can make it hard to do anything without them getting in the way or your hands getting tangled. Strapping into your snowboard can be a pain anyway, add your hands and buckles getting tangled up with wires and you’ll be beyond frustrated. Even when you’re heading into the lodge for a quick break, you’ve got to worry about taking your jacket off and un-looping your headphones from all your apparel. With wireless headphones, just click ‘off’ and remove your jacket. No worrying about what’s tethered to it or ripping your earphones out of your ears.
  2. Your phone or iPod won’t end up in an epic yard sale. When/if you fall you won‘t tear your device out of your pockets. Keep it safely tucked away in your zippered pockets with no attachments that could send it flying should you fall. If you’ve ever fallen skiing with your headphones in, the first thing you check for once you’ve made sure you’re still alive, is your phone. Save yourself the panic and get Bluetooth wireless headphones.
  3. Controls on the headphones – no threat of dropping your phone off the lift. Keep your phone in your pocket and adjust controls directly on your headset – forward through songs, pause/play, and adjust volume without your pulse raising because you’re worried about dropping your phone off the lift into no man’s land.
  4. Fits nicely under hat or most helmets. The EDGE Bluetooth wireless headset is small enough to fit under any beanie or helmet you decide to wear on the mountain. Designed for the most active customers, the EDGE Bluetooth wireless headphones won’t fall off while you are boarding or skiing but snuggling them under a hat or helmet in cold weather can’t hurt.
  5. No specialty gloves necessary. Set your playlist and go. There are no touch screens to fiddle with or worry about. Keep your gloves on and adjust right on the headset without getting frostbite.
Red Fox EDGE Wireless Headsets are designed with the active person in mind. They provide premium wireless audio for music and phone calls and are designed to never fall out of your ears- no matter what you’re doing. They also have:
  • A Long Battery Life
  • Music and Volume Controls Directly on the Headset
  • Voice Dialing
  • Adjustable Earbuds for Comfort
  • Bluetooth to Connect
  • A Built-in Microphone
  • iPod, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, PC, Tablet and Bluetooth TV ready
So rock (and hopefully don’t roll) down the mountain this season with the best ski helmet headphones with Bluetooth- the Red Fox EDGE Wireless Headset.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Safety Tips for Running in the Cold

It can be hard to keep your work out motivation up during the cold winter months. But cold weather running doesn’t have to chill you to the bone. Wearing the correct clothing and following some basic safety precautions can keep you warm and toasty while you shed those pounds and keep yourself in shape all year round. Some winter running tips are:

  • Layer Up: Dress in thin, wicking layers underneath any thicker layers you may want to place on top. Polypropylene is a good fabric to look for as it wicks away sweat from your body keeping you dry and warm. The next layer you should consider is a fleece or insulating layer to keep your body heat in. Your top most layer should be made of nylon or Gore-Tex, which both protect against wind and precipitation while still releasing some heat and moisture from your body. By releasing heat and moisture, the outermost layer helps prevent overheating and chilling simultaneously. Avoid cotton when dressing for cold weather running. Cotton tends to keep moisture in and will keep you wet and cold while you run.
  • Cover your hands, feet and head: 70% of your body’s heat escapes through the hands, feet and head so keeping them covered and warm is of the utmost importance when you are running in the cold. Running gloves with a wicking fabric are great for mild weather while wearing mittens are better for the colder days. For your feet, make sure to wear a wicking sock underneath any wool or fleece socks you may want to wear. This will keep them from absorbing sweat and moisture, so they stay warm and dry. And lastly, wear a hat. 40% of your body heat leaves through your head. It’s important to keep that heat trapped so you don’t catch a chill. If it’s really cold, we recommend wearing a face mask to keep warm air in while you breathe and protect your face.
  • Beware of Frostbite: Frostbite strikes without warning. If your fingers or toes start to feel so numb that you can’t feel the tips anymore, you may be on the road to severe frostbite. Frostbite occurs when the skin has been subjected to freezing temperatures for an extended amount of time. If you begin to experience a lack of feeling in your fingers, toes, nose or ears, it’s time to go inside. Slowly warm them back up to normal temperature by running them under warm water or near a fire or heater.
  • Hydrate: Hydrating year round is important anytime you are going to be working out. Staying hydrated during the winter can take a back seat to drinking warm coffees and hot chocolates, but water is still very important to keeping you healthy and ready for a big run.
  • Distraction: It doesn’t matter what temperature it is or whether you are inside or out, keeping yourself distracted from the act of running or working out can mean a more successful work out. Music is a great way to keep your mind busy while your body pushes itself to the limit. Utilizing a wireless headset leaves your limbs to act naturally. Instead of getting tangled up in wires and worrying about pulling your earphones out, your arms can move freely and give you the edge to push yourself as hard as you can.
  • Be Prepared and Warm Up: Running outside may mean carrying all of your things with you. A sports sleeve is perfect for this situation, as it can carry your IPod or phone, keys, money, cards or sports gels with ease. Being prepared doesn’t just mean carrying your things with you. It also means properly warming up your body for your workout. Start your run out slowly and remember to always warm up your muscles before you stretch. Cold weather means it takes longer for your muscles to warm up, so be sure to ease into your workout so you don’t pull any muscles or injure yourself.
  • Start by Running into the Wind: By starting your run by running into the wind, you can get the hardest part of your work out in early while also lessening your chances of getting sick. After you’ve been running for a while, you’ll begin to sweat and accumulate moisture on your body; this will become increasingly colder if you run into the wind at the end of your run. If you close your run with the wind to your back, you lessen the chance of catching a chill and getting sick.
  • Alternate Options: Work out indoors. No one says you have to run outside during the winter. Treadmills, ellipticals and indoor tracks are always a great option for winter workouts. Staying inside means staying warm and offers less risk for getting sick or injured. If there are some bad winter weather days, it can be pretty hard to get outside. So run indoors. You won't compromise your daily progress and you'll stay warm.

When the time comes to complete your winter work out, it’s important to know how to run in the cold. So make sure to keep your muscles warmed up before you start, run into the wind, layer up, keep your hands, feet and head warm, and never forget to hydrate. Listening to music always provides a great distraction from your run and can help you push yourself even further, no matter what time of year it is. So stay fit and stay warm this winter season.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The EDGE gets great reviews from Nicholas Pang, Editor-in-Chief, Minimalist Running Shoes

By: Nicholas Pang, Editor-in-Chief, Minimalist Running Shoes

The EDGE is Red FoxWireless flagship Bluetooth headphones system that is the perfect listening device for going mobile. These wireless headphones are designed to stay in place during all activities. Bluetooth headphones give you the freedom to go wireless while still maintaining an ultra-high quality of listening clarity and power. They run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

These may be the very best Bluetooth headphones on the market, combining a built-in microphone for convenient, hands-free cell phone use and a single button call-answering feature. In addition, the EDGE incorporates easy-to-use controls for regulating your audio listening device, including play/pause, track forward/back. Lightweight and comfortable, these Bluetooth stereo headphones will fit in perfectly with your active lifestyle. They are light weight, comfortable to wear and will not fall out. A custom hard case is also available for protective storage.