Monday, December 16, 2013

Product Review: FOXBOX Speakers

The FOXBOX is a versatile Bluetooth speaker that can handle the rugged outdoors while also being able to go back to back on conference calls in the office. With its superior sound quality at an amazing 20Hz to 20kHz, your music not only sounds great, but you can also understand your buddies when they call you. With the stability of V2.1+EDR Bluetooth technology your FOXBOX can handle signals from a wide variety of iPads, iPhones and older devices that are fitted with our SIDEKICK Bluetooth adapter. For people who are still behind the times, we have fitted a 3.5mm plug that works with a standard audio jack. A quick 1-2 hour charge will give you enough juice to continue pumping tunes or calls for up to 10 hours.

Connecting is Simple

Connecting your FOXBOX is as simple as it gets. Toggle the power on to have your FOXBOX search for your phone or audio device. After a quick sweep, you should see your FOXBOX named CC-B speaker on your devices list. Tap to pair the device and the FOXBOX is ready to pump your jams.

Not Just for Training

Andy Potts, a #TeamRedFox member and professional triathlete uses his FOXBOX to bust dance moves with the family and bust out a great workout in the gym. Wireless technology is as versatile as you are, so why not celebrate with busting out the “lawnmower” after you have finished a challenging training workout?

Make sure you live wire free with the FOXBOX

Once you go wire free, we are confident that you will be hooked. Not only is the FOXBOX packed with simple, reliable features, it is designed to work as hard as you do, whether it be on a stationary bike or on the dance floor. Find the FOXBOX here on our website to order!

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